Mone Boutique - HBOrtiz
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Mone Boutique

Branding, Packaging
Branding, Logo, Packaging
About This Project

This is a redesign project for a local fashion retail shop nestled in the heart of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. This comprehensive overhaul of the brand identity promises to infuse a breath of fresh air into the fashion scene, blending elegance, modernity, and approachability in perfect harmony. The vision for this project revolves around the enchanting allure of gold and soft pink hues, reminiscent of delicate sparkle and graceful femininity. This subtle yet captivating color palette sets the stage for a redefined brand experience that exudes sophistication and charm.


Central to the design concept is the integration of rounded fonts, adding a playful touch while maintaining a sense of refined simplicity. These fonts lend themselves effortlessly to creating a cohesive visual language that feels inviting and inclusive to all who encounter it.


Handwritten elements take center stage in the redesign, adding a personal and intimate touch to the brand identity. Each stroke and curve carries the essence of artisanal craftsmanship, inviting customers to connect on a deeper level with the brand.